What most play to earn games are missing

Недко Боянов

Недко Боянов

От 2019г. помагам на предприемачи да създадат визията на своят мечтан бизнес. Страстта ми е да помагам като споделям своите знания и опит в дизайна.

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Are you frustrated of not finding good Play2earn games because they all lack something or many things that you cannot name.
Well in this video I will show you 5 characteristics to look in for a good Play to earn game

Crypto is an amazing utility for gaming. But it should not be the primary function of a game. The focus should always lie on how amazing the play experience actually is.
Мost games right now are made with the sole goal of making money, and they dont even specify where that money comes from or how steady the income is.
This usually results in a Ponzi scheme system where the money is transferred from younger players (cohorts) to older players.
Also barrier of entry is high due to initial purchasing to even start playing the game, that is a big no no for more casual gamers. Not only you spend spend triple A amount of money to begin playing and then the whole experience sucks. So lets see the main 5 traits to look in for a good play to earn game.


Game Mechanics should be put in place that hold attention and bring enough dopamine to the brain of the gamer so he can return again and again. The tricks that can be used are:
Chance as a part of gameplay
A choice of player roles and strategies

Sheer size and Explorability

Also a little note for the game devs, please bring something new to the table not only doing a reskinned version of the most played game titles just with the Play_To_Earn benefit attached to it.

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Emotional value / longevity

Our gaming experiences are profoundly meaningful. With narratives, characters, and other players, we form bonds. We assemble attachments to our accumulated wealth and assets. However, platforms and the underlying technology change, making it challenging to maintain tangible objects.

I would have loved to have that experience with some of the first characters I had in games, much like how I can recall memories by looking at trading cards I had as a child.

Make that game fun and playable!

Resell / Economical balance

You feel empowered when you kill that giant boss and acquire legendary loot. The value of owning that asset and not only trading it for ingame items but actually selling it for real currency gives a strong motivation to acquire more.
This is why Economy balance mechanisms should be properly put into place in order for the market to not be flooded with billions of items and therefore losing value of the currency used.

Market efficiency is increased by giving players more options for where to trade their assets (while taking a small cut). Transparency fosters trust and enables others to develop a following for your game.


This is the heart of the game. It needs to pump fresh new players like the blood in our system and keep the old players engaged.
Community can be nurtured by many diffrent ways such as having a strong brand presense, constantly interacting with players and accepting their feedback, creating events and uniting players to collaborate with each other.
Creating opportunities for participants to build a sense of ownership

Which brings me to the final tip which is

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Mindset for Open Ecosystem

A mechanic which gamers can leave their digital footprint into the world, or build their own experience into it. Such as creating their own assets, building in the world, naming bosses or NPC after the most famous players trully makes a game more vibrant and it enforces a dialogue between the gamer and the digital world he spends time in. Not only that but in a perfect scenario to listen to the community and include desired features into the game

Mention in the comments which game right now successfully implements one or more of those characteristics?

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This video is inspired by the Medium article Crypto Gaming, Done Right

written by Juha Paananen

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Overall crypto is an amazing utility for gaming. But it should not be the primary function of a game. The focus should always lie on how amazing the play experience actually is.

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