Ned Boyanov

My Story Vision Mission

Passionate Searcher Dreamer Creator

They say it takes time to discover yourself.
I think that this is a lifelong journey that requires personal devotion every single day. So far I have discovered those traits:

I strongly believe in collaborating and exploring different mindsets and ideas that lead to the end goal.

Proactive approach and team coordination are the main traits I hone.

From a young age, I cannot stand the mainstream and crowd thinking. That’s why I don’t clap at social gatherings. If I’m excited or glad I prefer to thank the host personally.

Driven from the thinking of first principles. Continuiosly breaking and dissecting the everyday and human psychology.

Interested in the new, weird, and sometimes scary.

I believe that a genuine smile and bright mood open many doors. My enthusiasm comes from curiosity and needs to improve.


My hobbies

Daily riding MTB

Commuting to my office with my mountain bicycle is an essential part of my daily routine. It makes me more focused, relaxed and untaps my creative potential.
+ reducing those CO2 emissions.


Since 2016 I have been volunteering in International Youth Center by organizing different workshops dedicated to young people focused on cognitive and visual education.
+ Organizing and participating in volunteer cleaning activities

cinema lover

Everything started with Fight Club. My fascination is about cinema, visual storytelling, color, and composition. Now my taste is based around Lynch, Gaspar, and Tarkovsky. Check my Letterboxd

My story

Born in Turgovishte

I was born in a small town in Northern Bulgaria called Targovishte, but for the rest of my life, I lived in Stara Zagora.
I grew up as an only child, which means I spent most of my time alone. I was very curious and thought a lot about the world around me.

Kid Years

I remember the day our first computer arrived. My father was very passionate about electronics and technology. With his example, he managed to convey to me his passion for the latest technology.

Every night I spent hours watching my father tinker with Windows XP and install various programs or directly learn to reinstall the operating system.
When he first let me play on the computer, I was basically a master. And that’s where my first love of computers came from. I played games like Hercules, Tarzan, Neighbors from hell, Sims, Need For speed but my favorite was Dungeon Siege.

School years

At the age of 14, I started training calisthenics, and then I visited the gyms regularly. The interest in me awoke and I wanted to learn more about training. That was the first time I knew who Arnold Schwarzenegger was. He became one of my role models. To this day, I follow his rules of success:

Trust yourself
Break the Rules
Don’t Be Afraid to Fail
Don’t Listen to the Naysayers
Work Your Butt Off
Give Back

Highschool Years

At the age of 16, we studied information technology at school. It was there that I first learned about graphic design. We worked with Corel Draw. I was amazed by the things I can do with the program and spent endless nights learning it. I even started explaining to my classmates how to use the different possibilities of the program and create with it. Then I learned more about the profession “graphic designer” and decided to become one.

At school, I met my love – Vanya. She and I went to the same gym. She had a lot of knowledge about nutrition and helped me change my bad eating habits. We have always helped and supported each other – me with training and she with nutrition. Together we participated in youth initiatives, where I discovered volunteering and giving back to the community as one of my missions.

Happily Married

How can you marry at 18 years old? Are you crazy?!
Well, that’s what love does to you. It turns you crazy, but for the right people and causes.

Just after graduating high school I decided to marry the love of my life Vanya. 

Applying to uni

I applied for admission to the Art University in Plovdiv, but I was not accepted, so I decided to enroll in the specialty “Linguistics with Marketing” at another famous university in the same city. I studied for a year, but I wasn’t happy, so I decided to drop out. I decided to follow my dreams and work as a graphic designer.

Work life

I started looking for a job as a design intern. After 1 month of internship, I started working in a hosting company for a few months and then in an advertising agency. There I learned to work with clients and to understand in detail all the processes regarding printing and realization of the design from the screen to the final result.

Going freelance
After a year of working at the agency, I have decided to move forward and start freelancing. My best friend Ivo and I decided to rent an office together. Subsequently, Nasko joined, who together with his girlfriend have a studio for Interior Design and 3D visualization.

I enrolled to study at Softuni College. I worked with clients from my city, Bulgaria and Europe, creating complete visual identities and print materials. I had a failed attempt to start my own agency, which was an amazing lesson for me. Don’t be afraid to fail!

Applying to uni *again

After the bitter experience, I decided to enroll again at a university in my city – Stara Zagora. This time as a teacher of Fine Arts and Graphic Design. Well, I realized that I don’t have to force things because they happen at the right time. I came across the right professors and the right place, where they give me opportunities and chances to develop as an artist and a person.

Taking The Artist way
Now a new opportunity has opened up in my life – to realize myself as an artist. And I give my best to achieve it. In one year I managed to participate in an artist training camp in Austria. My paintings were presented at an exhibition. My first Art installation was made. I released my first solo exhibition and NFT collection.

Duality Matches Desire

first NFT exhibition

Called Eros Empathy Euphoria. Focusing on the complex feelings of love.

The 13 original digital collages depict the intrigue characteristics of feeling in love, vengeance. lust… into visual pieces of art.