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Art is the pill to reality


Ned Boyanov

13.09.1998 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Open-minded proactive designer. Born in Turgovishte, now living in Stara Zagora studying as an art teacher at Trakia University. Working freelance as a Brand Designer.

My passion is creating experimental collages, watching pure cinema, listening to alternative post-rock and indie, playing frisbee, riding an MTB bicycle as a daily commute.

My goal is to inspire young people to discover their creative side and ignite their curiosity through art in all forms.

Artistic endeavors

subconsciousness brought on canvas

Using the known and familiar but twisting it in order to express the invisible to the eye and felt with the soul. Check my work

first NFT exhibition

Called Eros Empathy Euphoria. Focusing on the complex feelings of love.

The 13 original digital collages depict the intrigue characteristics of feeling in love, vengeance. lust… into visual pieces of art.

Duality Matches Desire